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Pool Safety

Pool safety services are the most important thing. Perhaps you’ve seen your kids swinging on the open pool gate! This is a disaster waiting to happen as most pool gates won’t be able to take that sort of additional weight, especially repeatedly.

One way to fix this is to install stronger hinges and a gate alarm as an additional layer of protection so that an audible alarm will alert you if the gate does not self-close and self-latch within a certain timeframe.

Does your pool gate only self-close intermittently?

Another word of warning – too many pool owners are using their pool enclosure for multiple uses.  They may have their BBQ and dining table, clothesline, kids play equipment and even a TV in there – we’ve seen all this and much more!

With frequent use and the best of intentions, we still see propped gates during our inspections. Pool owners have forgotten what a dangerous action this is.  You may be surprised to find it is also illegal.

Tenants can be the worst culprits as they may never have lived with a pool before and just don’t realise the legal ramifications for all parties if a child could gain access into the enclosure in this way.

If you are a landlord, check the pool gates regularly as a correctly self-closing self-latching pool gate is not seen that frequently.

Warn your tenants about their responsibilities and don’t allow them to fill your pool enclosure with their personal belongings as this could render the enclosure non-compliant.