Swimming Pool Compliance for Home Owners

        If you are selling a home with a pool and/or spa,  you now need to apply for a Certificate of Compliance which is to be included in your Sales Contract.

If an Inspection reveals a non-compliant barrier, you will receive a Non-Compliance Certificate.

Properties with a pool or spa cannot be marketed without one of these Certificates.

We can provide you with guidance when it comes to issues of non-compliance.

        This month saw many clients planning to sell and we’ve provided Non Compliance Certificates to Janelle, Lisa, Gerard, Richard, Lynne, Shannon, Steven & Richard  and now they can on-sell their properties without having to worry about rectification works if they so choose.

 Steve, Nathan, Richard, John & Lynne  have rectified their non compliances this month and have been issued with Compliance Certificates.  They can now rent out or sell their properties with confidence that the barriers are compliant.

Several new owners have been busy during April rectifying their issues after moving into their properties – Congratulations on achieving Compliance to all  !

Owners with Compliant barriers can feel satisfied knowing their efforts will be rewarded with peace of mind. Remember though, the swimming season might be drawing to a close, but active supervision of your youngsters must remain front of mind.

Well done to All !

Call us on 0400 248 448 to book an inspection to achieve Compliance for your pool.


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